Amelia Compagni


After receiving a degree in Biology from the University of Pavia, I moved to Vienna, Austria for a PhD in Genetics working on cancer genetics at the Institute of Molecular Pathology. After my PhD (1995-2000) I spent my post-doctoral fellowship at Cancer Research UK, in London, where I worked on the genetics of development (2000-2004). I then decided that it was time to shift to the social sciences, and, in order to gain new knowledge, I attended the Master in International Health Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) at Bocconi University (2006). The course made me certain that studying public management and, in particular its applications to the healthcare sector, was exactly what I wanted to do.

Associate Professor
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Since 2023 Director, Center for Research in Health and Social Care Management (CeRGAS), SDABocconi School of Management

2018-2022 Academic Director, World Bachelor in Business (WBB), in collaboration with USC Marshall and HKUST

Since September 2015 Associate Professor in the Dept. of Social and Political Sciences (SPS), Bocconi University

Assistant Professor (2009-2015) in the Dept. of Social and Political Sciences, Bocconi University

Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Administration and Healthcare (2008-2009), Bocconi University 

Since March 2006 Affiliate to the Center for Research in Health and Social Care Management (CeRGAS)

Research interests

Healthcare management, policy and management issues related to innovations in healthcare, professional dynamics in healthcare organizations

Working papers
Cappellaro, G., Compagni A., Vaara E.
Social control agents and the evolving definition of wrongdoing: The case of the gray area around the mafia
In Research in the Sociology of Organizations (Eds C. Gabbioneta, M. Clemente, R. Greenword), in press
Selected Publications

I teach courses in management of public sector organizations, healthcare management and I qualitative research methods.