Gino Zaccaria

Gino Zaccaria

My field of research is theoretical philosophy, according to the phenomenological approach. Currently, I am Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics. I was Professor of Introduction to Philosophy (2001-2007); Philosophical Hermeneutics (1995-2004); Methodology of Human Sciences (1994-95); Logic and Philosophy of Science (1983-1995). I am scientific director of the international journal “eudia — Yearbook for Philosophy, Poetry and Art” (, and of the international research project "ScienzaNuova" (

Senior Professor

I am also member of Società Italiana di Filosofia Teoretica , of Societé Française de Philosophie, of Akademie Deutsch-Italienischer Studien, Meran, and of Martin-Heidegger-Gesellschaft.

Research interests

My research interests lie in the areas of Epistemology, Metaphysics and Ontology; Greek philosophy; Logic; Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Art; Italian and English Philosophical Lexicon.

In particular, I am interested in the dialogue between phenomenological philosophy and theoretical physics on the question of time and space. In this context, the problem of the difference between space-time understood in a strictly physical sense and space and time understood in artistic creation is relevant. This also raises the question of the meaning of truth: how can the relationship between 'physical truth' and 'artistic truth' be understood? And what are the consequences for the philosophy of art and artistic ethics?   

Selected Publications

Time and value

Academic freedom in the European context: legal, philosophical and institutional perspectives, London Palgrave Macmillan, 2022