Valeria Giacomin

I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Bocconi University. 

Previously I held post-doctoral fellowships at Harvard Business School and Marshall Business School (USC). I received her PhD from Copenhagen Business School with a thesis on the development of the palm oil cluster in Southeast Asia since colonial times.

Assistant Professor

My research focuses on global history of commodity markets in Southeast Asia; clusters in historical perspective; and business history of emerging markets since the 19th century. Recently I started new projects on historical entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystems in different historical and geographical contexts.

Research interests

Business and Global History; Historical Entrepreneurship; Economic Geography

Working papers
Giacomin V. and Pillai S.D.
From production cluster to creative hub: The ascend of fashion and creative industries in Milan
Ram, H., Giacomin V. and Wakslak, C.
Entrepreneurial Imagination: The application of Construal Level Theory for Historical Entrepreneurship
Giacomin V. and Lubinski C.
Entrepreneurial imagination: Ruth Handler and Mattel in, in post war America
Giacomin V. and Wadhwani, R.D.
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A review