Marlene Jugl

I am Assistant Professor of Public Administration. I joined Bocconi’s SPS Department in 2019. I hold an MA in Public Administration from the University of Potsdam and a doctoral degree from the Hertie School in Berlin. I studied Political Science, Public Administration and French at the University of Potsdam, Sciences Po Lyon and the University of Warsaw. I was a visiting researcher at the European University Institute in Florence.

Assistant Professor
Research interests

My research lies at the intersection of public administration and comparative politics and focuses on the performance of governments and bureaucracies in different environments. I study how public administration interacts with politicians, citizens, and other stakeholders, and how societal, cultural and historical factors affect how governments function. I am particularly interested in the effect of country size on the structure, stability and performance of governments and public administrations. Further research interests include crisis management, vulnerability and learning, administrative traditions, and bureaucratic reputation.

Selected Publications

I teach courses in public administration, public policy and governance from the undergraduate to the PhD level. I use various interactive learning methods. My aim is to equip students not just with factual knowledge but also with the analytical competencies and soft skills necessary to tackle real-world problems successfully and sustainably. My teaching emphasizes student participation and the diversity of perspectives and opinions.