Giunia Valeria Gatta

Giunia Gatta

I am a political theorist, with interests also in international politics. I graduated in philosophy from the University of Milan, and received my PhD from the University of Minnesota. Beside Bocconi I have taught at the University of Minnesota, The Ohio State University, Columbia University, and New York University in Abu Dhabi.

Adjunct Professor
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I am drawn to political issues that exceed the coordinates of reason, so I have been thinking and writing on empathy, suffering, and guilt – in particular political guilt for injustice in the past that endures in the present in the context of racialized politics in the United States.

Research interests

Liberalism, existentialism, contemporary political theory

Working papers
Gatta G. V.
There is a Corpse in the Room’: On the Uses of Political Guilt
Gatta G. V.
Struggle, Interrupted: Theorizing with Jaspers About the Hardly Theorizabl

I teach political philosophy and human rights to students in our Bachelor in International Politics and Government, as well as the Ethics of International Organizations to students in the Executive Master in the Management of International Organizations