Alex Turrini


I am an Associate Professor in Public and Nonprofit  Management at Bocconi University. Previously,

I have been Chair of the Division of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship as well as visiting professor at  Meadows School for the Arts and Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, SMU Dallas, Texas. 

At Bocconi I am the director of the MSc in Arts and Cultural Management and Economics (ACME) and Scientific Supervisor of the Arts, Sport, Entertainment and Culture Knowledge Platform within the SDA Bocconi School of Management Research Division. 

I am also Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Arts Management. My research  interests focus on arts management and cultural policy,  cultural philanthropy and fundraising, inclusion and diversity in arts organisations.


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Office hours (AA. 23/24, First Semester):

Every Tuesday, 430pm-630pm

Location: Roentgen Building, 3rd floor, 3-c1-02



Associate Professor
Research interests

arts management, cultural policy, cultural philanthropy and fundraising, inclusion and diversity in the arts

Selected Publications
Turrini, A., Voss Z.

Strategic Fundraising in the Arts: The Mistake of Selling

Addis. M, Rurale, A., Managing the Cultural Business: Avoiding Mistakes, Finding Success, Taylor and Francis
Turrini, A., Gallagher, B.k., Massi M.

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Fundraising in the Arts

Massi, M., Vecco, M. , Yi, L. Digital Transformation in the Cultural and Creative Industries, Routledge: London
Massi, M., Mion, P.g., Turrini A.

Turning Crowds Into Patrons. Democratizing Fundraising In The Arts and Culture

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