Arnstein Aassve

I am a full Professor at Bocconi University. Until recently I was the Dean of the Undergraduate School. From 2018, I am the director of our PhD program. I am running my second ERC grant: Institutional Family Demography (I-FAMI-D) which started 1st October 2016. I spent one year at University of Wisconsin - Madison (2017/2018).

I teach "Quantitative Research Methods"​ for our international undergraduate students, "Doing Business in Europe"​ for the World Bachelor in Business (WBB) students, "Population Dynamics and Economics" at the MSc level, and Population Studies at the PhD level - all here at Bocconi.

Full Professor
Research interests

My research interests include Population, Culture and Institutions often in relation to poverty and inequality. I am trained as an economist, but consider myself as a general social science scientist. I favour an inter-disciplinary approach to social issues and that is reflected in my publications I guess.